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Title Anistratenko V.V., Ryabceva Yu.S., Degtyarenko E.V. Morphological Traits of the Radula in Viviparidae (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda) as a Master Key to Discrimination of Closely Related Species // Vestnik zoologii. – 2013. – Vol.47, iss.2. – P.e40-e51.
Branch Malacology
Title Apoltsev D.A., Rekovets L.I. Beavers of the Genus Trogontherium (Castoridae, Rodentia) from the Late Miocene of Ukraine // Vestnik zoologii. – 2015. – Vol.49, iss.6. – P.419-528.
Branch Paleozoology
Title Arbačiauskas К., Novitskiy R.A. On the Contemporary Mysid (Mysidacea) Fauna in Water Bodies of the Steppe Trans-Dnieper Region (Ukraine) // Vestnik zoologii. – 2014. – Vol.48, iss.5. – P.475.
Branch Zoology
Title Aslanov O.Kh. The First Record of Neomolgus paracapillatus (Acar i, Acariformes) in the Caucasus // Vestnik zoologii. – 2014. – Vol.48, iss.6. – P.569.
Branch Acarology
Title Atamas N.S., Tomchenko О.V. Black tern nest-site fidelity in unstable habitat: a preliminary study // Zoodiversity. - 2020. - Vol.54, №4. - P.341-348.
Branch Ornithology
Title Atamas’ N.S., Tomchenko O.V. Influence of Spring Flood’s Water Level on the Distribution and Numbers of Terns (on Example of Lower Desna River) // Vestnik zoologii. – 2015. – Vol.49, iss.5. – P.439-446.
Branch Ornithology
Title Babytskiy A.I., Bezsmertna O.O., Moroz M.S., Pavliuk S.D., Honcharenko B.V. The First records of Bradysia species (Diptera, Sciaridae) from Ukraine // Zoodiversity. - 2020. - Vol.54, №4. - P.329-340.
Branch Entomology
Title Babytskiy A.I., Zuieva O.A., Bezsmertna O.O., Dudiak I.D. The First Records of Corynoptera species (Diptera, Sciaridae) from Ukraine // Vestnik Zoologii. - 2019. - Vol.53, iss.3. - P.227-236.
Branch Entomology
Title Balashov I. Terrestrial Mollusks (Gastropoda) of the Slovechansko-Ovrutsky Ridge (Zhytomyr Region, Northern Ukraine) // Vestnik zoologii. – 2012. – Vol.46, iss.6. – P.e9-e15.
Branch Malacology
Title Balashov I., Yarotskaya M., Filatova J., Starichenko I., Kovalov V. Terrestrial Molluscs of the Tsyr-Pripyat Area in Volyn (Northern Ukraine): the First Findings of the Threatened Snail Vertigo moulinsiana in Mainland Ukraine // Vestnik zoologii. – 2017. – Vol.51, iss.3. – P.251-258.
Branch Malacology