State Museum of Natural History
Biodiversity Data Centre

      The internet-resource Data Centre «Biodiversity of Ukraine» has been created in State Museum of Natural History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Lviv) within the framework of scientific-applied theme «Creation of the museum-information resource as a base of the regional action plans on biodiversity protection» (state registration number – 0116U002134).

      This computer program application has been made for the work with data base, which contains information on the Ukrainian biota: scientific and vernacular names, data records of species, their geotagged geographical and biotopic distribution, protection categories, representation in reserves of Ukraine.

      The internet-resource enables the following operations to be accomplished: to create species lists of different taxonomic rank of separate territorial regions and water bodies of the country and also of the different time intervals, lists of protected and endemic species and of those, which are deposited in the collections of scientific institutions; to find a certain specimen according to the inventory number, to create species lists according to the type of recording/collecting, collected or determined by certain specialists, to search for literature sources concerning the Ukrainian biota, and to advanced search for all mentioned parameters as well. This resource is also aimed at monitoring of biodiversity both in the whole territory of Ukraine and within the separate region, elaboration of the grounds for creation of new nature-protected areas and preparation of reports on evaluation of the impact on the environment.

      The accumulation of information on biodiversity, the possibility of its searching and the free access would promote both the development and speedup of scientific research and the effective control of ecological state of environment by public and sustainable development.