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Title Svitin R.S., Kuzmin Y.I. Oswaldocruzia duboisi (Nematoda, Molineidae): Morphology, Hosts and Distribution in Ukraine // Vestnik zoologii. – 2012. – Vol.46, iss.3. – P.e1-e9.
Branch Helminthology
Title Sylayeva A.A., Protasov A.A., Morozovskaya I.A. Interrelation Between Unionids and Their Epibionts in the Cooling Pond of the Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant (Ukraine) // Vestnik zoologii. – 2012. – Vol.46, iss.6. – P.e49-e54.
Branch Zoology
Title Syrota Ya.Yu., Kharchenko V.O., Lyaskivskiy V.N., Kobylinsky V.V., Vasylkivska I.B. Finding of Two Species from the Tribe Synhimantea (Nematoda, Acuariidae) in the Kyiv Zoological Park // Vestnik zoologii. – 2015. – Vol.49, iss.6. – P.483-488.
Branch Zoology
Title Syrota Ya.Yu., Kuzmin Yu.I., Lyaskivskiy V.N., Kobylinsky V.V., Vasylkivska I.B. First Record of Dicheilonema ciconiae (Nematoda, Diplotriaenoidea) from Ciconia nigra (Aves, Ciconiidae) in Ukraine // Vestnik zoologii. – 2016. – Vol.50, iss.4. – P.379-382.
Branch Zoology
Title Szczęsny B., Godunko R.J. Catalogue of caddis flies (Insecta: Trichoptera) of Ukraine. - Lviv, 2008. - 104 s.
Branch Entomology
Title Szeliga-Mierzejewski W. Dermoptera et Orthoptera Polonica // Rozprawy i Wiadomości Muzeum Dzieduszyckich. – 1928. – Vol.10. - S.59-65.
Branch Entomology
Title Tasenkevich L. Flora of the Carpathians. Checklist of the native vascular plant species. – Lviv: State Museum of Natural History NASU, 1998. – 623 p.
Branch Botany
Title Terek J., Kovalchuk A., Kovalchuk N., Ivanec O., Manko P., Koščo J. For the knowledge of protisto-, micro-, macrofauna and environmental conditions in Svydovets lakes (Ukraine) // Prirodnè vedy. – 2004. – Vol.40. – P.184-195.
Branch Zoology
Title Tokarsky V. A Pasture of Big Ungulate Animals as Key Ecological Factor Influencing on the Fluctuation of Natural Habitat of Steppe Herbivorous Mammals // Vestnik zoologii. – 2015. – Vol.49, iss.2. – P.159-170.
Branch Mammalogy, theriology
Title Toskina I.N. New Species of the Genus Lasioderma (Coleoptera, Anobiidae) from Crimea and the Caucasus // Vestnik zoologii. – 2011. – Vol.45, iss.3. – P.e1-e13.
Branch Entomology