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Crocidura leucodon (Hermann, 1780)

  • Sorex leucodon Hermann, 1780
Vernacular Name
Bicolored Shrew, Bicoloured White-toothed Shrew
Conservation status
IUCN: LC; Be (III); RDBUkr: Недостатньо відомі
Value of species
Crocidura leucodon occurs in Europe and western Asia (France to the Caspian Sea). In the Mediterranean region it ranges from northwestern France, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia, through the Balkan peninsula, and extending south through Turkey to Israel. It is absent from the Iberian peninsula and southern France. The only Mediterranean island on which it is known to present is Lesbos (Greece). It has been recorded from sea level to around 2,500 m. C. leucodon appears to be declining at least at the northern and western borders of its range (it may be either declining or fluctuating). In the southern part of eastern Europe (e.g. Ukraine) this species has seriously declined during the last 50 years (50 years ago there were many records, especially from owl pellets, whereas recently there are very few records) (I. Zagorodnyuk pers. comm. 2006). Within the Mediterranean region, it is widespread but population trends are not known. The status in the southwest Asian region is poorly known (Qumsiyeh 1996) and the species is less abundant than C. russula in this region. Habitat preferences for this species vary in different parts of its geographic range. In France, it is found in damp areas with dense vegetation, whereas in central Europe and Italy it prefers open agricultural landscapes. At the northern edge of its range it is associated with gardens and houses in suburban and urban areas, and in the Balkans and Asia Minor it can be found in moist habitats in the mountains including screes, stony areas, riverbanks and stone walls. In Russia the species occurs in moist habitats within steppe and semi-desert areas. It feeds on invertebrates, including insects, insect larvae and worms.
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