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Zygodon rupestris Schimp. ex Lorentz

  • Zygodon baumgartneri Malta
  • Zygodon viridissimus var. rupestris C.Hartm.
  • Zygodon vulgaris Nyholm
Vernacular Name
Park Yoke-moss
Conservation status
No status defined
Value of species
Plants in loose turfs or in scattered tufts among other mosses, to 2 cm high, grass green to olive green. Leaves radially arranged on stem, not at all secund, strongly keeled along costa, erect-spreading when moist but strongly crispate when dry, narrowly lanceolate to lanceolate, to 2 mm long, 5–6: 1. Median laminal cells in regular rows, isodiametric or nearly so, to 10 µm broad, or thick-walled with rounded lumens due to strong corner thickenings, with 3–5 discrete, sharply pointed papillae mostly situated over the lumens of thin-walled cells. Basal cells in a large to very small group, rectangular, to 11 µm broad, to 6: 1 near costa but much shorter nearer margin, thin to very thick walled. Costa filling less than 1/10 of the leaf base, set in a well-defined adaxial groove, ending within a few cells of the leaf apex. Leaf apex often acute but with at least a few on each plant apiculate with a single elongate and smooth cell. Abaxial cells of proximal costa linear and thick-walled, to 8 µm broad, to 10: 1, smooth, mostly with a covering of laminal cells on distal costa. Adaxial cells of costa rectangular, to 6:1, to 10 µm broad, rather thin-walled and smooth. Costa cross-section at mid-leaf nearly round, homogeneous with substereid cells or with 2–3 guide cells on its adaxial surface, sometimes with a single row of stereids on the abaxial surface. Margin entire, plane and crenulate papillose throughout. Axillary hairs variable in size and cell number, to 8 celled and 200 µm near costa insertion but much shorter laterally, with 2–3 basal brown cell. Rhizoids to 10 µm in diameter at base, inserted along the adaxial line of leaf insertion, in younger portions of plant short and producing 4–10 celled brown to red-brown uniseriate filamentous gemmae at their apices, but with these rhizoids becoming longer after gemma dispersal. Stem round in section, without central strand, with thin-walled inner cortical cells and with 1–2 rows of outer thick walled cortical cells; hyaloderm not present.
Book reference
  • Nyporko S.O., Barsukov O.O., Kapets N.V. Floristic records of mosses, lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Hutsulschyna National Nature Park // Ukrainian Botanical Journal. - 2018. - Vol.75, iss.2. - P.179-186.
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